• StasburgReeve Strategic Funding acquires funds for growth and innovation for start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs and corporates. The term Strategic Funding means that we carefully match our clients’ strategic roadmap with a mix of funds from different sources. In order to preserve our clients’ equity position, we usually start with public funds such as government credits, subsidies and tax schemes. By deferring reliance on private capital for as long as possible, the entrepreneur can mitigate technical and commercial risks and prepare the company for a subsequent injection of private capital under more favourable conditions.

    We work by defining projects as building blocks of the strategic roadmap in such a way as to make them both fundable and manageable. Projects range from a few tens of thousands of euros to millions. Our site,, lists numerous successful examples of this approach.

  • StasburgReeve consists of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in top-tier strategy firms, entrepreneurship and executive positions at multinationals. The diverse backgrounds of our people correspond to the multidimensional analyses that are required for success in our line of work. We develop relationships with our clients that are a departure from classical consultancy services: they are based on true partnership and require commitment on our clients’ part as much as on ours. For more information about our method, cases and references, please visit our site.
    • Trusted partnership with our clients
    • Strategy valuation
    • Business accelerator programme on request
    • Funding strategy
    • Funding programme selection
    • Fundable, manageable projects and plans
    • Documentation
    • Hands-free application process
    • Compliance support
    • Private funding through reputed investment and private equity firms

Deals & Offers
  • Free first high-level assessment of your company strategy at Yes!Delft
  • Free first intake and assessment of opportunities at Yes!Delft
  • Yes!Delft member contract and conditions
  • Walk-in clinic in our Yes!Delft Office

Unique Selling Points
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Expertise of short-term and long-term challenges of the entrepreneur and company
  • Seasoned professionals with relevant experience
  • Unique success rate in the Netherlands in complex funding programmes
  • Our large network harbours essential positions in the corporate, academic, private equity and business acceleration landscape
  • High efficiency due to collaboration software: we treat your time with as much respect as our own

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