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Mesh Lingerie Technologies - meeting with experts from EY and Bird&Bird

Startup Corner was born out of the need we have seen in startups for getting help from experts in an easy, direct way. Not cold calling or messaging, no heavy networking, but one-on-one meetings with experts

One of the startups that has immediately used our platform to connect with these experts is Mesh Lingerie Technologies.

We talked with Jenny Inchbald, Co-Founder and Business Developer at Mesh Lingerie Technologies, just before they launched their new couture line, to see what exactly has turned out from their first two meetings, one with EY and another one with Bird & Bird .

1. What is Mesh Lingerie Technologies?

Mesh Lingerie Technologies works by taking a 3D scan of your body, and then we match that to the best fitting bras available in the market. We do this in-store and online. So when you purchase a bra, you can guarantee the fit, but also brands are able to standardize the fit. Moreover, you can get fitted quicker in-store.

2. How soon did you use Startup Corner?

We looked for partners pretty much straight-away after we created our profile. At that time we were also making some critical decisions in terms of the future of our company. Moreover, we wanted to see what structures we needed to make it really tax efficient and suitable for an investment vehicle. Long story short, we urgently needed some contract work involving a very specific issue. That problem didn’t really fit into any available legal solutions, and so the first meeting we booked was an appointment with Bird & Bird. They really helped us out. After that meeting, we also booked one with Ernst & Young.

3. How exactly did EY and Bird&Bird help you out?

Ernst & Young really sat down with us in order to understand our needs and then looked at the different structures available that could fit us. They really advised us what the risks and the tax implications. Ultimately the structure that we are going to go for is possibly not the most conventional, but it really does fit our needs. We were really trying to avoid some potentially complicated tax issues. And then when meeting with Bird&Bird, they really went up and beyond with our situation. They offered us a huge discount. We really were able to make use of their interdisciplinary knowledge and they delivered a really good solution. We ended up being really happy with their work, even more, that in the end, they came back to us with extra good advice.

4. Why is Startup Corner useful for a tech startup, such as you?

I think creating a profile on Startup Corner is really useful because it really forces you to articulate yourself in a really simple, easy and accessible manner.

5. What do you advise startups who want to register on Startup Corner?

We have our brand bible where we just have our logo, photos of ourselves, company summaries and information, all saved on our Google Drive. This way, whenever we need to fill in information on various platforms, we have a consistent communication.

Startup Corner is a really good tool to use since it forces you to express yourself clearly and concisely. And I think that in the technology world, we’re all experts in our own field. For us, it turned out to be a tool that really honed down our communication. That format we then used for LinkedIn and one-pagers for events.

This way we communicated easily and in an effective way with potential partners and investors.


This week, Mesh Lingerie Technologis launched their couture brand Arî van Twillert . If you want to benefit from similar help, you can now get your lingerie on the web.

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