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Ferry | News | 29-03-2019

EYe Opener March 2019 (Dutch)

In the EYe Openen of March, you'll find a lot of information that is beneficial to your startup! Read more here (in Dutch).

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andreea | News | 22-10-2018

Ugoo and Bird & Bird - The Journey to Funding

The hurdles or startups are most often orbiting around funding. On Startup Corner, collaboration between partners, not only between startups and partners in our network. Thus, Ugoo and Bird & Bird , two of the partners in our network, teamed up and tailored to the event The Journey to Funding for the Startup Corner community.

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Ferry | News | 27-01-2019

How Bird&Bird can help you with International Expansion

Will going global make or break your business? Accessing international markets can bring huge potential, but it's a journey that requires careful consideration. As an organisation you need to understand what's feasible, what business model will be most effective and where your brand, services and products will thrive.

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andreea | News | 21-08-2018

The challenges of tech startups

To make the transition from a tech engineer to a tech entrepreneur, a community can help you with unlimited resources. The power of a community is always stronger than the power of one. Startup Corner is the one stop shop tech startups need for effortlessly getting the extra help they seek for.

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andreea | News | 05-11-2018

CIC Rotterdam - at the heart of Rotterdam’s innovation

The city of Rotterdam has gained the title of being the Boston of the Netherlands. And not necessarily because you hear so much English while wandering between the skyscraper buildings of the second largest Dutch city (the city hosts 170 nationalities). Benefiting from an important European educational center, Erasmus University , many of the graduates (international and Dutch) are following the slogan of the city "make it happen" and dive into entrepreneurship. Apart from that, the city has increased its innovation activities and the startup scene has been booming in the past years.

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Bird&Bird | News | 19-06-2018

Tax benefits for innovative startups by Bird&Bird [in DUTCH]

De Nederlandse belastingwetgeving kent verschillende voordelige regelingen voor innovatieve start-ups. Afgelopen week heeft staatssecretaris Snel van Financiën Kamervragen beantwoord over deze belastingvoordelen en de specifieke stimulering nog eens onderschreven.

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andreea | News | 01-11-2018

Mesh Lingerie Technologies - meeting with experts from EY and Bird&Bird

Startup Corner was born out of the need we have seen in startups for getting help from experts in an easy, direct way. Not cold calling or messaging, no heavy networking, but one-on-one meetings with experts

One of the startups that has immediately used our platform to connect with these experts is Mesh Lingerie Technologies.

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Rachelle Leerling | News | 08-05-2018

'A next step in connecting startups & the industry'

MRDH, StartupDelta and YES!Delft launch a one stop shop for tech startup support

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